This site is devoted to the analysis of the various strategies, tactics, and actions undertaken by the Left with a critical eye towards improving them. “The Left” is of course a nebulous term, and to a large extent this is in reference to the American Left. This refers both to leftists who engage with government institutions (e.g. Democrats, Greens) and those who feel that such institutions are inimical to Leftism.

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Founder of By Other Means, inasmuch as a person starting a blog can be called a “founder.” I was inspired to start this site when Donald Trump was elected in 2016. I felt frustrated by the ineffectual nature of the American left and felt that it was largely caused by a failure to learn from mistakes and use evidence-based tactics and strategies. The name implies that politics is best understood in terms of warfare. Resources must be marshaled, soldiers deployed, losses limited, and victories frequent. Politics is about winning the day, not expecting to have it handed to you because of the intrinsic virtue of your cause.

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